Janet Napolitano, the head of Homeland Security, revealed that she did not use email, being afraid of putting things on a server that could be used against her in the future, or hacked by foreigners or domestic terrorists like Tea Partiers. I’m with our Janet. Email is dangerous. Once sent, it is there forever, never to be erased, never to be expunged. The Delete key is a sham, a device to reassure the gullible.


I used to love my email

The spam was really swell

It offered me Viagra

And other things as well

Like offers from a stranger

For riches beyond dreams

Just open this attachment

To catch those golden beams

A message on occasion

Came from someone I know

Who’d forward something funny

I’d heard so long ago

Some folks they swear by gmail

For others Yahoo works

For me my outlook’s different

I know that danger lurks

The Feds they were a-reading

My email every day

So like Napolitano

I’ve nothing more to say


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