Enough To Make You Wince

Vladimir Putin has announced he now has a missile with a top speed of 3,600 miles per hour, making it impossible for anyone to shoot down, another stealthy missile that runs on nuclear power and therefore has unlimited range, as well as a submersible vehicle so stealthy it can creep up to any coastal city and detonate a hydrogen bomb, wiping out New York or London. Well, perhaps we shall see if he really has these wonders. And perhaps not.

So Putin has a missile
That runs on fuel that’s fissile
With sensors that he hopes will help it find
Fat targets just by glances
And not just by pure chances
As happened with some others of its kind
He’ll send it by Australia
Then surely without failya
Heads north with our destruction in its mind
It’s stealthy he reminds us
And stealthily it finds us
By heading north and creeping up behind
Plus objects that  are coastal
Sit quiet then go postal
And taking out New York or Port au Prince
With bare chest and flexed muscles
He sneers he’ll win all tussles
It’s sad enough to make you want to wince