The Middle East is boiling over, North Korea threatens to nuke Seoul and Austin, Texas, and Iran continues its relentless progress to nuclear weapons that will no doubt very soon come into the hands of terrorists with designs on New York and Washington, and all of this the result of the United States, under Obama, deciding to lead from behind, allowing the world’s bad guys free rein to do whatever they have in mind. The foreign policy of the Obama administration is beyond feckless, it is reckless. The world is now like Tombstone Territory before the Law arrived, endangering the peace of the world and placing the United States in mortal danger.


When our policy is feckless

Then the crazy guys get reckless

Begging for a stout rope necklace

But Obama is asleep

Oh he’s posturing and scowling

And his britches he is fouling

With the wind in Tombstone howling

Digging holes some six feet deep