Fifty Million Frenchmen

The French riots over a two year increase in the retirement age seems to have blown itself out, though the symptoms remain. Europe, and not least the French, are resolved to ride their unsustainable socialist utopia into the ground, accepting the death of their societies rather than give up the government pensions and handouts they believe are their god given rights. What the French rioters did not understand is that the retirement age does not matter, what matters is that there be babies born who will one day work and pay the taxes that pay for the pensions they so ardently crave. And there are no babies being born in France or anywhere else in Europe, except muslim babies, and we all know how that is going to turn out.



They say fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong

If so then they’ll be right for just so long

New babies won’t be born short years from now

And lots of things will break, but not the bough

The pensioners will cry and count their francs

The  young will hit the streets and cry no thanks

The pendulum will swing its destined arc

And all it takes will be a tiny spark

The flames will spread to Brussels and beyond

As people realize that they’ve been conned

Old Europe will be gone without a trace

And something new and fierce will take its place

Sharia and the mosque will rule the land

As history and law all turn to sand

Today they riot stirred by pension fears

Tomorrow they’ll be shedding bitter tears

While fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong

The demographics say it won’t be long



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