A firestorm is brewing in the streets of Massachusetts. The bomber stream is overhead, and the Dems are running for cover. It won’t be Dresden all over again, the firestorm is political, not actual, but just as fierce. The Marxist agenda being pushed by Obama is dead, killed by the voters of the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts. After only one year of Obama’s looting of the country, the people have awakened. Sometimes the only way to cleanse the soul is by fire.



In darkened streets the sirens sound

The few abroad look skyward

In darkened houses close to ground

Deep shelter is the byword

The sirens wail, the bomber stream

Fills darkened sky with thunder

Below the children clutch and scream

As mothers only wonder

Can they survive another night

Then come incendiaries

The firefighters try to fight

Amid their family worries

The flames take hold and spread so fast

The wind whips round the corners

And then it’s over, burnt at last

With few surviving mourners

In Cambridge town the bomber stream

Does not bring death, but trouble

For Obie’s ugly marxist dream

That’s now reduced to rubble



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