From The Mountaintops

A feckless foreign policy carries with it the certainty of death when facing a mortal enemy intent on killing you, and the foreign policy of the Obama administration is feckless in the extreme. Obama refuses to stand up for any principle whatever when it comes to our enemies, smiling and turning the other cheek as they kill us, but is hell on wheels against our friends and allies, demanding that Israel surrender to the Palestinians on every conceivable demand the Palestinians may make. Mubarak and Khadaffi were not exactly friends and allies, but they were not our enemies either, and Obama removed them from office and we now have radical Islamists in charge of Egypt and Libya, men who are determined to destroy the West and Israel. It was said of the Romans that they created a desert and called it peace. Obama calls it peace and creates a desert.



Come sing it from the mountaintops

From valleys, hills and dales

The world is skimming o’er the waves

Brisk winds now fill our sails

Each nation state sleeps well at peace

With neighbors whom they love

And daily climb the ziggurat

To free the pure white dove

Oh much is owed to great Hussein

The leader of the pack

The ship is running with the wind

No need there is to tack

For things are shining bright at noon

No danger lies ahead

Dark clouds on the horizon are

Warm rain, not things to dread

And yet the ocean leaps and swells

The dark clouds grow in size

And darkness slowly turns the noon

To night with coal black skies

That flash with fire of the gods

That cause the earth to burn

And children cry with hunger

And there’s death at every turn

Come sing it from the mountaintops

From valleys, hills and dales

That fecklessness leads but to war

And death now fills our sails


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