From The Oval Office

Is Obama driving the ship of state straight to the bottom? Read the following advance text of Obama’s speech to the nation next week and judge for yourself.



My American friends, I come to you

From Oval Office with a view

Of beautiful and unspoiled yet DC

The buildings here are simply grand

And walking slowly on the Strand

Is something that is comforting to me

But there are snakes in every room

And righty whiteys crying doom

They claim that I am trying hard to break

The country down onto its knees

For all my lefty friends to please

But I assure you everything is Jake

Of course there’s some things on the ropes

Extinguishing our changey hopes

And all the fault of madman Georgie Bush

My plan’s in place, I’ll do my best

To see this clear, I shall not rest

My vision for us needs just one more push

My staff is Marxist to the core

And so we have much more in store

With Acorn and the unions we’ll prevail

With gulf oil crisis we’ve been blessed

We’ve seen the population stressed

Our plan of course is letting BP fail

Our power needs will soon be met

By solar mirrors on the net

Providing all the energy we need

For sunshine puts a happy face

On jobless workers we replace

With foreigners who’ll soon be up to speed

And lastly friends, this you should know

That space and science we forego

And NASA’s job is now to reassure

Our Muslim friends that just because

They’re backward and with murd’rous laws

That that condition’s only just du jour

In closing friends I’ll only say

That starting now, this very day

The White House as it was will not be back

For I intend to stay a while

For many terms and so my style

Demands that I must paint the damn thing black



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