Generation Who?

I was born in 1929 so I missed being of the Greatest Generation, and have had to live my life in the shameful knowledge that my generation was not called so much as adequate, and in fact had no name at all. Looking back I can see that my generation were ‘tweeners; between the Greatest Generation and the generation that invented rock and roll. But our children built the Internet and the smart phone, and now our grandchildren are preparing to start all over from scratch. Fine with me. Civilizations always outgrow themselves and inevitably suffer a correction, often violent. We may, with luck, escape the violence, but we will not escape the correction. We live indeed in interesting times

The times are racing breathless on
Gen Z in wings awaiting
The entrance of the deathless dawn
And calendars re-dating
Who knows what wonders lay in store
What brilliant flashed advances
It may be less, it may be more
I’ll nap and take my chances