Get Your Greasy Hands Off My Pension!

The coming financial tsunami started many years ago when the public sector unions, in bed with the politicians they elected, voted themselves gigantic pensions, pensions that now are strapping the taxpayers who went along with the heist when times were good. From small municipalities to large states, the public employees unions are breaking the bank with pension payments to people who retired at ages as early as fifty on full or nearly full pay. Greed has its own reward, and the general public is about to see what unalloyed greed, for money by the unions, and for votes and power by the politicians, has in that nicely wrapped little present sitting on the coffee table. We have no choice but to cut those pensions back or go down the tubes like Greece or Portugal, just two examples of the socialist ruin visited upon us by ourselves.



My name is Walt

It’s all my fault

I wanted no attention

I got my pay

And ‘long the way

Some things I cannot mention

I’m set for life

A trophy wife

A mansion and Mercedes

I’m young and spry

With still an eye

For well endowed young ladies

Yes life is good

That’s understood

Though lately there’s some tension

The wife just left

My income cleft

The bastards cut my pension



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