Goodbye, Emmylou Harris


The world is changing, the culture is shifting, possibly in ways we cannot as yet understand. Nonetheless, it is time to say goodbye to Liberalism, the nanny state, the New York Times and Barack Obama. To the tune of Goodbye, a long time Democrat voter gives up on Obama and the New York Times. With new lyrics by Verse-afire.



I remember, holding on to you

Holding on, my whole life through

Yes I know, sometimes you made me cry

But I can’t remember if we said goodbye

And I recall when the sky was the purest blue

And the words that you said were true

At least so you said

And I recall all the weird things you used to do

When the world was there just for you

And now you’re put to bed

I will miss you, every now and then

And I hope we’ll not see you again

And sometimes I break down and cry

‘Cause I waited too long to say goodbye

Yes I waited too long to say goodbye


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