Guns And Huns

Western Europe, under the benevolent European Union, is a strict gun control entity. In light of the Muslim attack on Charlie Hebdo that killed eleven people and a simultaneous Muslim attack on a Jewish delicatessen in a Jewish neighborhood, killing four, a prominent Jewish Rabbi asked if the EU would permit Jews to carry weapons for self-protection. Why is Israel still free, still alive? Because they have guns. Will the EU grant its Jewish citizens the right to defend themselves against murderous Muslims? Don’t be absurd. Of course they won’t. The last thing the Palestinian loving EU wants is Jews with guns. Maybe we should reinstitute those old WW2 weapons drops, complete with BBC code words.

If in 1943
Would Nazis then have felt so free
To walk up stairs without a care
While knowing guys with guns were there
Guys destined trains for Sobibor
Guys primed to shoot right through the door
More peaceable would be the Huns
If all the Jewish guys had guns
Fast forward to the present day
The Muslim Huns are here to stay
They kill the Jews just like before
Not bothering with Sobibor
But Nazis, Muslims, both are Huns
Someone will see the Jews get guns
To let the Muslims fear the worst
That Jews with guns will just shoot first

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