Happy New Year!

Here it is again, the new year, full of promise as always. One hopes for the best, again as always, knowing one is doomed to disappointment. The coming year seems difficult enough, what with the Iranian nuclear bomb being ready sometime before the year is out, probably by summer, with Tel Aviv its target. Is 2010 the year the Middle East blows up? Will Iranian cities be reduced to cinders by an Israeli retaliatory strike? Will Israel wait for Tel Aviv to be incinerated or will they strike first? Will al Qaeda succeed in a major attack on a US target? Will the Democrats succeed in their quest to dismantle the finest health care system the world has ever seen? Will the Democrats succeed in destroying the economy of the United States with a punitive carbon cap and trade scheme? Maybe the baby boy in the top hat with the sash proclaiming it is now 2010 knows, but if he does, he isn’t saying.



That baby boy is here again

This time as baby 2010

He smiles as 09 slinks away

But knows he’ll look like that someday

He looks so fine on day the first

But knows full well the very worst

Will happen sometime down the road

But nonetheless does not forebode

We wish him well, this little chap

And hope the coming year mayhap

Will bring us all full peace and cheer

That lasts throughout the coming year



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