Hate Speech

In Australia, black Aboriginal people are accorded the same victim status accorded African-Americans in the United States, and thus entitled to benefits from the public treasury. A journalist named Andrew Bolt wrote two exposes in which he showed that whites were gaming the entitlement system by claiming to be black, and for publishing the truth, an Australian judge ruled that Bolt had committed hate speech by breaching national race laws, the judge claiming the articles humiliated black aborigines. It does not matter if what you say is true, what matters is the presumed hurt feelings of a victim class of people.



Black fella, white fella, brown fella, yella

Are all the same under the law

Except when the Left says the black’s Cinderella

And there’s a line that we must draw

The Left still proclaims that our speech is still free

Except when it’s hateful of course

The Left says that hateful is what offends me

And worse when you don’t show remorse

And you should be grateful that we run the show

We keep you from doing a wrong

For we of the Left are your betters you know

And that’s just the name of that song


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