We are in the midst of a coup to remove President Trump from office. The coup is being planned and carried out in the guise of normal political partisanship. The ringmaster of this coup attempt is Barack Obama, and its headquarters is his mansion in Washington, DC, where red diaper baby Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, oversees the details and passes along instructions to Obama’s political and quasi-military organizations. Does anybody remember the Obama White House buying tens of thousands of green uniforms some years ago? Does anyone wonder for what purpose did Obama’s civilian agencies buy millions of rounds of ammunition? Where are those uniforms now? Where is that ammunition now? Obama sees a way to retrieve power, either for himself or for a puppet, whose strings are firmly attached to Obama’s nimble fingers. Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch has publicly stated that blood in the streets will be necessary. We shall see street and campus violence escalate into bloody conflict very shortly. Democrat judges have blocked a constitutionally legal temporary immigrant ban with the hope that the president will ask the Supreme Court to decide if the plain language of the Constitution regarding presidential authority can be overridden by a judge. If Trump unwisely does so before Gorsuch is confirmed, the four Democrat Supremes will vote to uphold the appellate court, and with the tie the lower court ruling stands as law, with all presidential powers enumerated in the Constitution now effectively taken from the president’s hands. Failing that, street violence, assassinations, media and Democrat attacks designed to trigger a deadly response from the government will deliver the government into the hands of Obama or his puppet. Or such is the plan. We shall see if it works. Vast forces are arrayed against President Trump, and we shall see if he is equal to the task of defending himself and the country.

The Left does not surrender when the vote goes not their way
They do not say we lost and so we’ll fight another day
We know the Left when once in charge will not give power up
That only blood will set them down and forced to drink the cup
Of death that they so wished for us, it’s in their DNA
The only thing they understand is being put away
Beneath the sod as fattened worms feast on their cold dead eyes
As free men pat the green grass down and headstones say, Here Lies

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