In her journey from Goldwater girl to First Lady of Arkansas, from Whitewater to the White House, from Senator to Secretary of State to Deity, the country has not seen such drama since Stephen Decatur strode into a White House reception and to the cheers of the assembled guests lay the captured battle flag of HMS Macedonian at the feet of Dolly Madison. It is small wonder her acolytes adore her and a grateful nation demands she don the purple and reign as president forever.

Her acolytes adore her with such fervor
They do not care that she wiped clean her server
They care not that she took that Chinese money
Nor that she fondly calls her Huma honey
They shrug away her myriad disgraces
The odious and foul her life embraces
Incompetence to them a mark of favor
The whiff of criminality they savor
Flags laid before her speak of endless folly
As millions cheer and shout a Hello Dolly

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