History And The Man

I don’t know what the future holds in detail, but I know that all futures, and therefore all histories, are determined by the actions of the indispensable man. In the Spring of 1940, as the German panzers raced across France, driving the 300,000 men of the British Expeditionary Force onto the beaches at Dunkirk, one man changed the course of history. Led by Foreign Minister Lord Halifax and Lord Beaverbrook, owner of Britain’s most influential newspapers, the British elites urged Prime Minister Churchill to come to terms with Hitler. Had Churchill done so, the history of the world would have been quite different. We do not know what the terms of surrender would have been, but would very likely have included placing Egypt and the Suez Canal in German hands, giving access to Asia and Axis partner Japan, as well as giving Hitler complete control of the Mediterranean with access to Middle Eastern oil and a southern route into the Soviet Union. The Russian campaign would have been different, with a German victory a likely ending. The French fleet would have fallen into German hands, though the Royal Navy might very well have fled to Canada. There would have been no World War 2 as we know it, and it is fair to ask if Japan, probably the recipient in the peace treaty of British and French possessions in the Pacific, would have felt the necessity of attacking Pearl Harbor. In short, if Churchill had accepted the advice of every influential Englishman, our world would today be completely different. But Churchill did not accept that advice, and rallied the English people to fight, and to prevail.

Today, under completely different conditions than faced Churchill, there has arisen another indispensable man. Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman, has, like Cincinnatus, laid down his plow and saved the nation. The Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party of yesteryear, when its ruling Southern elites were more conservative than Eastern Republicans. That Democratic Party was swept away by the pro-communist radical left wing of the party after the presidential election of 1968, becoming more leftist as the years passed, culminating with the election of Barack Obama, the first anti-American president of the United States, leaving, or so he thought, the country in the hands of his successor, Hillary Clinton, to continue the destruction of the American Republic, as well as the destruction of the white middle class and its replacement with third world Mexicans and South Americans who would guarantee a permanent radical socialist governing party that would turn the country into another Cuba or Venezuela. But Trump, like Churchill, now stands athwart history, and the future will record that Donald Trump, singlehandedly, saved the American Republic from destruction at the hands of a radical, America and white people hating Democratic Party.

Thick oily smoke obscured the signs
Directing men with dirt-cracked lips
Through knee high water in long lines
To board the waiting off shore ships
But that was far too many years
And none today recall their names
And few recall blood, sweat and tears
Or London nightly lit by flames
Today on a new Dunkirk beach
America had drifted left
Her gloried past seemed out of reach
As Democrats the country cleft
To warring factions at the throat
Of each the other thought as foe
‘Twas then that Trump took off his coat
And battled leftists toe to toe
The country safe, she took his arm
And with him strode the silent beach
Like Cincinnatus, to his farm
The stars once more within our reach

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