I Ain’t No Bigot, I’m A Lefty

David Gelernter, a Professor of computer science at Yale, among many other accomplishments, has written a book called How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture, in which he says that children are no longer taught there is such a thing as right or wrong or true or false, are taught to disdain facts, and are taught theories of history but no actual history. Children are taught that all cultures are equal, brilliant and nice, except the United States which is bigoted and evil. The other day I spoke to a student at an unnamed but prestigious university, and she said she’d heard of Gelernter’s book, but probably wouldn’t read it because she hated bigots.


It’s all so dumb, and stupid too

He’s just another bigot Jew

He thinks my school is wrong for what they teach

He thinks that facts are hard and fast

And history was made to last

And truth and falsehood are within our reach

I’ll tell him this and to his face

The US is a bitter place

Where bigots taunt and sneer at folks like me

And all because I’m not like them

I’m educated and a fem

Who likes a man to be more like Spike Lee

I hate those awful tea bag folks

I laugh at all the clever jokes

About them that I hear from TV guys

And all those whack job right wing nuts

Oh how I hate their rotten guts

I’d kill their kids and snicker at their cries

I’m not like them for I’ve been taught

To live my life without a thought

Of thinking I am better than the next

We’re all the children of one god

But Gaia’d surely think it odd

If I did not confess some leave me vexed

For bigotry is such a crime

And surely there has come the time

That bigots and their ilk are sent to die

In dungeons dark where you would think

That they would die from bigot stink

And now I must be off and say goodbye

My civics class is meeting soon

And though my teacher is a coon

He’s nice because he let’s us have our say

Despite the fact the Chinks and Spicks

And all the stupid redneck hicks

Keep folks like me from having our own way


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