In a previous post, History And The Man, I compared President Donald Trump to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in the sense of both men changing the course of history. The difference between them is the degree to which the change of course lasts. Churchill’s change of the course of history will last forever, because Hitler was ultimately defeated, while Trump’s degree of change may only be counted in a few short years, with his presidency only an interregnum. The Greatest Generation that fought and won World War 2 was great because they grew up in a national culture that taught them to be great and expected them to be great. Not so today, where the Left has conquered the institutions, and college students are taught only that the United States is evil, that white privilege is toxic, and that group identity is all. I see little hope that even an eight year Trump interregnum will alter the ultimate course of the country, providing only a brief interlude in the inevitable cascading slide of the United States into the darkness of Venezuelan style socialism and permanent one party rule. Nonetheless, it is always possible that a successful Trump administration will waken the middle class to what is being lost or given away, in which case there is still a chance to save the country for our grandchildren. But if not, then the Left will have won and the darkness will descend on the United States. But nothing lasts forever, not even the dark.

There are no shadows in the dark
What can’t be seen does not exist
An interregnum at its best
The short false dawn could not persist
Demographics rule the tide
Culture changes left from right
The gloried past is now no more
False dawns will not replace the night
But darkness too must see an end
The Left cannot erase us all
The weathered gravestones tell the tale
Of what was lost beyond recall

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