It Ain’t Necessarily So

Some things are so and some things are not. We have learned, over the past six years, that what comes out of the White House is not necessarily so, that we must look not at what Obama says but what he does. When he says you can keep your doctor, that is not necessarily so. When he says the Mullahs have acceded to his demands, that is not necessarily so. When he says victory is not an option, that one you can believe.

It ain’t necessarily so
That roses continue to grow
That horror and strife
Are not part of life
No it ain’t necessarily so

Obama has laid them all low
Al Qaeda is finished, you know
And ISIS is done
Because of the One
But it ain’t necessarily so

Iran says its nuke set to blow
Barack wags a finger, says no
And the Mullahs back down
At the sight of his frown
But that ain’t necessarily so

Barack wants the US to go
In flames down to Hades below
He’s left us no doubt
What he is about
And that is necessarily so

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