It Matters Not

After months of stonewalling, Hillary Clinton, soon to be ex-Secretary of State, showed up for questioning on the Benghazi affair by the United States Congress. The Democrats slobbered all over her, but when a Republican asked the question, “What happened at the Benghazi consulate the night four Americans, including the Ambassador, were murdered by Islamic terrorists?” she screamed, face contorted with rage, “WHAT DOES IT MATTER NOW!” The hearing went about as expected. Hillary Clinton told House Republicans what she thinks of them, and in a contemptuous, scornful tirade, tells them they’ll be sorry when she’s gone. A telling picture of the Obama administration and its hatred and contempt for the Congress in general and Republicans in particular.


A brittle stare

An icy glare

It matters not, she screamed

It matters not

One little dot

What such as you have deemed

To be unwise

Declare as lies

I know what’s best for all

The Arab Spring

I know will bring

Al Qaeda’s sudden fall

I am in charge

My burden large

But I will carry on

Until the day

That you will say

We’re sorry that she’s gone

Before I go

Just so you know

I’ll say this to your face

For what I’m paid

My work has made

This world a better place