It’s Not Your Money

The Western democracies, the United States included, have embarked on a long voyage of socialism that is now coming to its inevitable end. Governments throughout the world are now running out of money, mostly other people’s money, and are looking around for sources of wealth they can confiscate, because without money they cannot stay in power, and staying in power is the sine qua non of their existence. The government of Cyprus has already raided the bank accounts of depositors, and that’s the wave of the future. The Obama administration is already planning to get your money any way it can, believing, as it does, that you didn’t build your life, they did, and therefore anything you may have saved or earned belongs to them, including your IRA.


So listen now

You cashless cow

You didn’t build

What you were willed

By government

It’s we who sent

You all your wealth

And now your health

From birth to grave

And let you save

What you have earned

And now you’ve learned

Your IRA

Will help you pay

The debt you owe

For passing Go