Julie Baby

It has been said that time is nature’s way of seeing that everything doesn’t happen all at once. But what if everything did happen all at once, and time is just a perception, what if the universe runs on different rules than we, and Julius Caesar is alive and well, at least until the Ides.

Julie, kid, why did you cross
That river on that day?
To change the world, to change your luck?
Collect your owed back pay?
But did you know, as you got wet
Another man set sail
In tiny ships and headed west
While elsewhere one more nail
Went through the wrist and it was done
They crowned a man who tried
To teach us all what honor means
And for that crucified
At Valley Forge they froze and starved
While elsewhere brave men flew
The bombers that brought freedom home
The brave, the proud, the few
And while these things are going on
Concurrently it seems
A million billion more are busy
Living out their dreams
An instant to the universe
When all that happened did
Look heavenward, the stars are us
Step lightly, Julie kid