Kicking The Tires

Rudy Giuliani has fired a well-aimed shot in the nomination war by saying what John McCain and Mitt Romney were afraid to say, for fear of being called racist, that Barack Hussein Obama does not love the United States, that on the contrary he is determined to destroy it. He is kicking tires and finding a heartening response from supporters and squeals of rage from the enemies of this country.

Kicking tires, Giuliani
Arched a brow and slyly smiled
Then said to Moe and Jack and Manny
I’ve told the truth, the man’s defiled
The Constitution and our laws
Our health care system he’s destroyed
His actions give me more than pause
I tell you more than just annoyed
I’m kicking tires ‘cause this race
Is too important to stand by
It sure can stand another face
One unafraid to raise the cry
That Hussein is an evil man
Determined to destroy us all
Raised by those who had a plan
To drive this country to the wall
He played upon white women’s guilt
Encouraging white women’s lust
He offered them a diverse quilt
And when elected came the thrust
The sword of Islam to the heart
Does Hussein love this country? No
Well trained he was to play the part
But it’s not us that he loves so
He loves the minarets at dawn
He loves the morning call to prayer
Prepared to be the deadly pawn
To be this country’s Muslim slayer

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