Land Of Our Fathers

Muslims are driving Christians out of the Middle East, out of lands they lived in for hundreds and thousands of years before there was an Islam. The Copts of Egypt are being persecuted by the newly empowered Muslim Brotherhood, the Druze are being evicted from Lebanon, and Christians are being driven out of Iraq, a country the United States spent blood and treasure setting free from the Sunni tyrant Saddam Hussein only to find the country now ruled by Shi’a tyrants. An entire group of people are being driven from their ancestral homes, leaving behind their ancestors to lie in hostile land.



The land our fathers tilled

The land our children filled

With children of their own who laughed and sang

Beneath the soft blue sky

And never wondered why

The church bells that we knew no longer rang

From citizens at birth

With families and hearth

We walk the long dark trail to other lands

Our dead are left to stay

In earth wherein they lay

Forever in a stranger’s burning sands

We look up at the stars

And think of all the scars

Our Christian faith has caused to come our way

The Maronites and Druze

The Copts who thought to choose

Our fathers’ God when we knelt down to pray

But we shall find a home

With fertile, watered loam

A home that says come stay and rest awhile

In meantime we shall pack

Our things upon our back

And say goodbye and walk out single file


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