Laurel Wreaths

Most of us have never been awarded a laurel wreath. We fantasize, at times, of the life we never led, a life of daring, of honors and accomplishment. For the great majority of us the honors are never bestowed, the laurel wreaths never worn. And yet, we often forget that true honor comes from just doing your best and doing your duty, to your family, your country and to God.

Sometimes I think of all the things
That I might well have done
A cure for cancer, a hit play
Would surely have been fun
An MVP, a Series ring
A trophy case jammed full
Of honors, laurels and the like
‘Twould take a horse to pull
A rock star with my name in lights
A starlet on my arm
A winner of the Triple Crown
From my Kentucky farm
We dream these dreams behind closed doors
So that no one will know
Then go to work and do our job
In rain or sleet or snow
Wreathed laurels do not make a man
Nor honors write a life
A man’s defined by how he loves
His family and his wife
Our daydreams are but might have beens
Of laurels never won
But I’m content for I have both
A daughter and a son
To whom I’ve left a world at large
For them to make their way
I see them realize their dreams
And cherish every day

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