Law School Grad

A law school grad recently complained that his alma mater, Northeastern University, lied to him about the job prospects for its law school grads. He says he cannot find work and has two hundred thousand dollars of student loan debt that he will never be able to repay, and is now on food stamps. The thought of it almost makes me cry



My life is set

I went in debt

Intentions good I had

To justice serve

And never swerve

I am a Law School grad

I thought I’d make

A hefty stake

A million dollar pad

By sucking blood

And mucking crud

I am a Law School grad

But now I find

Life is a grind

It makes me oh so mad

There are no jobs

It’s that guy Hobbes

I am a Law School grad

I live with gramps

I’m on food stamps

It’s gone to worse than bad

My life is gone

There is no dawn

I am a Law School grad




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