Leading From Behind

President Obama proudly claims he is leading the world from behind. Leading from behind makes sense when you don’t trust the guys behind you not to put a bullet in your back. This is the essence of the Obama policy, and so far it’s working.



It could not be any clearer

That by looking through the mirror

The Obama team is doing quite alright

And that leading from behind, sir

Is but Obie’s stark reminder

To the people in the front that they’re in sight

His clear eye sees all the dangers

From behind he spots the strangers

Who may try to thwart designs he has in mind

Yes the man knows what he’s doing

And right now Assad he’s wooing

And he doesn’t mind if not returned in kind

The Obama team is winning

Through the webs that he is spinning

Like a spider stringing strands of tensile’d steel

He’s aligned the jigsaw puzzle

To place us all quite near the muzzle

So that when the gun goes off it’s no big deal

Things look chancy now, believe me

Though the thought of it does grieve me

That disaster looms when’t goes from shove to push

But Obama has that covered

For if the black pall that’s hovered

Comes upon us he’ll just blame it all on Bush


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