Lies, Smears And Stupidity

The Republican majority Senate Judiciary Committee has invited both Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Ford, to an open hearing on September 24 to resolve the validity of her accusation that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her 36 years ago when they were both teenagers. She has no contemporaneous police report and no contemporaneous record of medical treatment, and apparently never told anyone of the alleged incident until six years ago when she told her therapist without mentioning any names. She has admitted that she does not remember the year or the address of the house she says she was in, and late Tuesday Senator Diane Feinstein, who started this entire character assassination charade, issued a statement saying that Ms. Ford’s account might not be entirely truthful. We know the history of these very late character assassination tactics by the Democrats who know they have no other shot at defeating the Supreme Court nominee of a Republican president. They lie and smear to the delight of the lapdog press, who print and broadcast every lie and smear as if gospel truth. It worked with Robert Bork, tried and failed to smear Clarence Thomas, and they have trotted out the tactic again. Despite knowing it is all politics by the Democrats, the Republicans have invited her to a hearing where she can tell any story she wants to tell without fear of legal consequence and Judge Kavanaugh must attempt to prove a negative. It is not clear she will show up at the hearing, claiming earlier in the day that she would not appear until after an FBI investigation has been completed. What the Republicans have done is to give the Democrats two bites at the apple. Unable to defeat the nominee in the Judiciary Committee and unable to defeat him in a Senate floor vote, they are now to be given the opportunity to defeat the nominee by lies and smears, all designed to give cover to three Republican Senators – Flake, Collins and Murkowski, who may be disposed to vote no. And if it works two out of three times, there will never be another conservative Supreme Court nominee confirmed. The Republicans are not called the Stupid Party for nothing.

Lies and smears, smears and lies
This is how a country dies
All is power, power’s all
Care not if the country fall
Rule or bust, bust the rules
Get them early in the schools
Teachers lie and liars teach
A generation out of reach
Know history, history no
Just vote for us and all is go
It took us many many years
But in the end it’s lies and smears
We always win, and win all ways
They’re here again, those happy days