Love Letters

Despite virulent opposition the United States of Barack Obama is about to sign an agreement with Iran that will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, an eventuality that will inevitably lead to nuclear war and hundreds of millions of deaths. Barack Obama has written a letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran, expressing his love and solidarity.

The Office of the Supreme Leader, Sayyid Ali Khamenei

My Dearest Sayyid,

I’m trying oh so hard to get your nukes on line
But you should know I’ve trouble here at home
My enemies obstruct in everything I do
That’s why I write this little note to you
I cherish all this love that we call yours and mine
My heart and soul from you will never roam
We love and need each other in the greatest way
That’s why I drop this little line to say
Our work will see the birth of a new Caliphate
We’ll laugh to see the infidel despair
And Andalus returned to you, so kind and wise
And so this note for your sweet loving eyes
We share a love for Islam and the West we hate
We stride the world and conquer without care
And in the end our love will last a thousand years
And so I close with eyes with loving tears

All My Love,

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