Lunar Days

Not so long ago it was settled science that insanity was caused by moonbeams, hence the word lunatic, and I’m not so sure they weren’t right. History abounds with examples of entire countries apparently going insane, and I believe the United States is doing so right now. The insanity has been building for some time, with political correctness and other insanities. I spoke to a lefty lunatic recently and she said,

Abolishing biology
Has freed up our psychology
To live without apology
As gendered as we wish
Tossed in the trash is his and her
All pronouns smashed as they occur
No more madame, and no more sir
Revenge is a sweet dish
And soon all white males will be gone
Thus bringing forth a bright new dawn
No longer we are white males’ pawn
And we are free at last
No longer bathrooms segregate
No longer need we propagate
Into the closets for the straight
And it is coming fast
I thought it better not to speak
She could not take the least critique
Her kind would win within the week
Insanity now loomed
She walked away, her head held high
I watched her with a soulful sigh
The moon has risen in the sky
And sanity is doomed

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