Madame Pelosi, Speaker Of The Mosque

A few weeks ago Nancy Pelosi called for a Federal investigation of the people opposing the building of an Islamic terrorist victory mosque at Ground Zero, and the question is, why would Nancy and the President of the United States want and lobby for a muslim victory mosque in Manhattan. To me, the answer is obvious, but unless the Federales are reading this blog I’m safe enough. I believe Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussein Obama and the radical left wing of the Democratic party want a muslim victory and a humiliated United States. 



That’s just our Nancy

Nothing fancy

Just Pelosi

Being cozy

With the guys

Who want the prize

Of pushing sticks into our eyes

That’s what she does

The is and was

Of all Dem Libs

From Robert Gibbs

Up to the One

Who’s having fun

Just knowing he’s a one and done



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