Mass Times Velocity Equals Force

It develops that President Obama dislikes the Internet, specifically the blogosphere, as well as social media like Facebook and Twitter, because he can’t control them. The mainstream media is in his back pocket, doing his bidding, but plain folks in the blogosphere and social media are beyond his grasping fingers, and he fears the force of ideas generated by these uncontrolled outlets. In structural engineering mv=f, or Mass times Velocity equals Force. It would seem that in politics Media times Velocity equals Force. Especially the right wing blogs and social media, to the chagrin of the Obama administration. I spoke to a senior member of the Obama White House recently, and this is what he said.


The president will never be a quitter

The simple facts are always on his side

Regardless of what things be said on Twitter

The president has not a thing to hide

Transparency is what we always strive for

And honest, open dialogues to boot

The narrative we always keep alive for

We want the facts to not be in dispute

Of course we hear the lies of our opponents

And answer them with dignity and calm

We’re fortunate we have a few proponents

The Post and New York Times sit in our palm

The problem is these little folks with iPnones

Who publish pictures as events unfold

And flesh out things we much prefer were dry bones

And tell the public things we’d like untold