Media Whores

We all remember the president of CNN in 2002 confessing the nightly news from Baghdad was written for CNN by the Iraqis, and how CNN justified this by saying that without them being a willing tool for Iraqi propaganda they could not have stayed in Baghdad. Well, the same thing is happening in Lebanon, where US and western reporters hang around with their pals in Hezbollah, serving up radical Islamic propaganda as unbiased news. Actually, I suppose it is unbiased, in a way, because the western journalists in the Middle East hate the Israelis every bit as much as the Arabs do, so to the journalists, spreading radical Islamic propaganda is in a good cause.



I’m in Beirut to see the wars

Just one of many journo whores

I kiss some ass but that’s my job

To be in front of every mob

That’s lined up when the pants come down

That’s how it’s done in Beirut town

Of course I have to slant the news

That’s how we whores all pay our dues

But look around you, if you will

A Jewish house on every hill

In Gaza children have no food

No wonder there’s an ugly mood

Among the peaceful Arab street

Who see their lives are incomplete

The Hizbullah folk that I know

Are real good guys who want to show

The world that all they want’s a chance

To join the economic dance

And live where ever they may choose

And incidentally kill some Jews



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