Ministry Of Truth

The Obama Administration, in the person of Janet Napolitano, Secretary Homeland Security, has decreed that in the future terror attacks on the United States would not be described as terror attacks, but as man-made disasters.  I don’t remember President Obama appointing George Orwell to the Ministry of Truth, but I guess he did.



I thought Napolitano meant

A man of Napoli

But see that I was wrong

And will admit it happily

It’s good to see a feminist

Admit that men exist

E’en though man-made disaster

Is a term the fems insist

Portrays the gender male in all

Its forms and histories

The wonder is they love us so

Just more life’s mysteries

The problem though is greater than

Male gender understood

If she’s the anti-terror czar

Then you would think she would

At least pretend that she believes

That people mean us harm

Instead she thinks the auras from

The O will be the charm

That coupled with our bowing down

And making real amends

Will steer them from the terror way

And make them lasting friends





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