Mohammed’s Cat

The cartoons of Mohammed will not die, though some of the cartoonists have and will. Facebook recently had a post asking everyone to draw a picture of Mohammed, but was very quickly taken down under threats from muslims. That’s what we do best, back down, bow and scrape, no matter who demands we back down, bow and scrape. The ruling class of the West so loathes and despises itself that it has no choice but to comply with the demands of those it knows in its hearts is superior to them in every way, most importantly in the ability and willingness to use force to get their way. That is why I will never again draw a picture of Mohammed or his little cat Muezza.



I took my pen and drew a face

And horror found ‘twould not erase

I’d drawn a turbaned fulsome beard

And drawing thus I greatly feared

That muslims would the drawing see

And cry that it was blasphemy

I drew a cat and that was worse

My pen now seemed to be a curse

For on the cat to my surprise

I’d drawn the great Mohammed’s eyes

And on Mohammed, how I wail

I’d placed the cat’s beguiling tail

What could I do, a knock, the door

Three bearded men stood there before

They said my infantilish art

Not worth the great Mohammed’s fart

Then open mouthed they all three blinked

Mohammed’s cat had smiled and winked



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