Mothers Day

A few days ago Navy Seals sealed the fate of Osama bin Laden. We salute them, as we salute all who serve, but let us not forget the mothers who gave them birth and raised them from tots to men. A salute to mothers on this Mothers Day, and a salute to the brave men they have given us.


God Bless the moms who give us life

God Bless their boys in diapers

Who grow to be such fine young men

Who rid the world of vipers

God Bless the Seals and chopper crews

And grunts and guys with rifles

Who know that what they do is real

Unvexed with life’s mere trifles

God Bless the guys who fly the planes

And guys who sail the oceans

And Arty guys and all who keep

Bad guys from having notions

God Bless our M1 Abrams crews

Marine Corps grunts and Gunnys

And all the guys in camo who

Turn tough guys into bunnies

Yes bless the moms who give us life

Raise men from boys in diapers

God Bless our soldiers, bless them all

And especially our Snipers


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