Musical Chairs

Life is basically a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, and you find yourself without a chair, then you are out. One of the eternal verities is that when the music stops them what has the money will get yours as well, as demonstrated by the Greek banks preparing to take over their customers’ accounts in event Greece defaults on its debts. The world’s economies are closely integrated, and when one part of it collapses all feel the shock. The Chinese are trying to prevent the collapse of their stock exchange, the Eurozone is facing collapse if Greece defaults, and Obama has doubled the national debt to an unsustainable 17 or 18 trillion dollars, and if either or both the Euro and Chinese markets collapse, so will we, and you and I will not see our savings or pensions again. Theft is not theft when it is written in the rules, and you and I have nothing to say about how the rules get written.

I worked for many years to save
Enough for when I’m old
Believing that the years I gave
Would not be undersold
We’re safe insisted all the banks
Is not to fear they said
Then took my money without thanks
As I went up to bed
In total dark the dull red eyes
Crept up onto my ear
They whispered soothing, soft spoke lies
Said they were never here
I lay in bed too scared to move
As wolves licked at my face
They smiled and said as if to prove
That they would save my place
I noticed then the music stopped
I stumbled for my chair
And then the other shoe got dropped
My seat no longer there
In deepest dark I joined the crowd
And watched the market fall
The chairs are gone, I heard a shout
And there against the wall
There stood the chairs, as music played
Each chair held dull red eyes
The smiling wolves had got it all
To everyone’s surprise

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