My Name Is Glock

Anti-gun legislation is brewing in many states, driven by the anti-gun, anti-second amendment radical progressives, and a counter movement is afoot trying to convince the gun manufacturers to boycott the states that pass anti-gun laws by refusing to sell them guns and ammunition. This is doomed to fail, because of the imperatives of market forces. If Ruger refuses to sell guns and ammo for the police forces of an anti-gun state, then Glock will.


My name is Glock

I’ve guns in stock

And lots of ammo too

If I don’t sell

Then who, pray tell

Will line up in the queue

To sell to States

Who give rebates

To gun and ammo buys?

We know their names

We know their games

We know who are those guys

It’s Colt, perhaps

Those Ruger chaps

Beretta lines up fifth

Boycotts don’t work

“Cause of that quirk

Called Markets, Adam Smith