Nil To Nil

It has been revealed that the top leadership of FIFA, the governing body of the world soccer association, has been selling the World Cup soccer games, with countries paying tens of millions of dollars to the members of FIFA for the privilege of hosting the games. Russia bought the 2018 games and Qatar bought the 2022 games, with resulting world-wide indignation. But does anyone really care if Qatar bought the games? I think not. So long as the games are honest who cares where they are played or how much it cost the host country to get them there. Everyone knows, and has known for many years, that the UN is a criminal organization, that Bill and Hillary are Bonnie and Clyde, lacking only the 1934 Ford V8, that Brussels is the Sodom and Gomorrah of political corruption, so why should anyone believe FIFA walks with the angels? Forbes recently had a list of the 20 top money earners in sports and almost half were soccer players, so it is no wonder the guys in the suits at FIFA feel they deserve a slice of the pie.

The guys at FIFA all ask why
Ronaldo should get all the pie
Beckham should get all the girls
Why Messi should have all those curls
It’s jealous fury all around
And FIFA guys say they are bound
Determined, yes, to own the stage
While football worldwide is the rage
And get it while the getting’s good
And live the kind of life that could
Appeal to blokes who never score
All through a game that tends to bore

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