Nostradamus, Guest Blogger, Vol 7

Well, it’s March Madness again, the best tournament in sports, the NCAA basketball tournament. As usual, Nostradamus knows who will win it all, and has known, in fact, for many years. Nostradamus has whispered the answers to verse-afire, and verse-afire now whispers them to you.



The first round play

Begins today

And 16 plays the 1

It isn’t fair

But I don’t care

I’ll watch it just for fun

Kentucky and Duke make the Sweet Sixteen

But then abruptly leave the scene

Georgetown beats Ohio State

And loses to Kansas in Final Eight

Pitt beats the ‘Cuse for the Final Four

And Villanova gets there one time more

It’s Villanova – West Virginny

And Kansas versus Pitt

And now the genuine top skinny

Get ready, this is it

Who is it plays to be the champs?

Kansas turns out Villanova’s lamps



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