Not Being Venezuela

There is much talk of the current Republican Party being the Whigs of the 21st century, in that they too seem destined to cross the bar into Whigdom and disappear, to be replaced by a new national party. I believe this prognosis is correct, in that whether Donald Trump wins the election or not, the Republican Party will be changed for the foreseeable future. If Trump wins, the party will become much more populist, and if he loses it will fracture into its component parts, having lost five out of the last seven presidential elections, with little prospect of winning another anytime soon, given the leftward drift of the American voter, the growing power of the slave plantation Democrat vote and the permanent transformation of the Supreme Court into the judicial activist wing of the Democratic Party by the installation of an overwhelming majority of radical leftist justices. If Trump wins, the country has a chance of not becoming Venezuela. But not being Venezuela will be but a respite, for the future is assured. The Left has won, and it will take guns to undo them.

Democracy lasts only for so long
As voters do not come to realize
That in the background is a siren song
And when they do it offers them the prize
Free money if they vote the way they’re told
A gift that’s offered temptingly to greed
From public treasuries choked full of gold
And government to fill their every need
It matters not wherever it’s been tried
Disaster and collapse will follow soon
A marriage to the State soon leaves the bride
To ponder what was written on the rune
A thousand years ago is still held true
The colony, it says, beset by force
Succumbed because the people sought their due
But economic nature held her course
And so it is the underclass today
Who think the IOUs will always hold
And slavery with foodstamps is okay
Soon learn that all that glitters is not gold

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