One Born Every Minute

P. T. Barnum, who knew a sucker when he saw one, said there’s a sucker born every minute, and he was right. The problem is that in Barnum’s time the suckers only hurt themselves when they bought the ticket to see the fake bearded lady, while today’s suckers hurt the country when they vote for the oily voiced politician who promises them free phones and free government cheese. Not only do today’s suckers hurt the country when they vote into power radical leftists like Barack Obama, but by doing so they set the country on a path to destruction, for every leftist revolution has resulted in large amounts of blood spilled by the unfortunate subjects of leftist regimes.

Suckers are born every minute
A story as old as the hills
A lie is as good as you spin it
And rousing the rabble gives chills
The poor and the lonely are taken
Free phones and the government cheese
But time will insure they’re forsaken
It’s always thus with such as these
The problem is that the productive
Have no say in how things will go
When voters fall for the seductive
Black lies of the medicine show

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