One Man, One Vote, One Time

The only difference between Zimbabwe and the current United States is the name of the dominant political party. Both claim to be small d democrats, but the reality is that both rule by destroying the democratic process, Robert Mugabe by allowing one vote, one time, then declaring himself president for life. The Democratic Party took a longer, but no less effective route in the destruction of American democracy. Seventy years of progressive salami slicing has done the trick, beginning with racial politics that put once freed African Americans back on the Democrat plantation, and ending with seducing low IQ voters with promises of other peoples’ money. By definition one half the populace has an IQ below 100 and once seduced they stayed seduced. The opposition party occasionally wins an election, but the power remains with the far left radical Progressive Democrats, who seem to survive, and even thrive, despite the enormous damage they have done to the country. The Democrats have given African Americans and low IQ voters what is essentially one vote, one time.

The Democrats, I will admit
Have much that’s recommended
And in return they will permit
A freedom that’s pretended
The people put in office
Democrats who then will harden
Their grasp on power and who when
Arrested get a pardon
It matters not that thieves and crooks
Adorn the halls of power
They smile and slyly cook the books
And watch the money shower
It’s all Mugabe, all the time
Tyrannical precision
Eternal rule because of a
One vote, one time, decision

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