Open Mike

We have been enjoying the whispered open microphone conversation between Barack Obama and Medvedev, the Putin placeholder, in which Obama tells Medvedev that after he is re-elected he will have more flexibility. Many have speculated on what Obama was referring to, and most believe Obama was telling Putin that he was prepared to give the Russians our missile defense system.  Those speculations are correct, as Verse-afire has received a copy of the complete conversation. The following is a verbatim transcript of what Obama said to the Russians.



Right after the election

He said with eyes cast low

I’ll give you a selection

Of things you need to know

Our missile shield defenses

Of course our missile strength

The plans for our offenses

And after that at length

I shall arrange surrender

Whatever be your terms

Just make the terms not tender

Harsh measures kill the germs

That fill the world with sickness

Spread by this hateful land

But act with speed and quickness

We’ll work this hand in hand

I want but for my name to

Be written in the stars

Of course if it all came to

I’ll be one of your Tsars



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