Pancho Villa

The Mexican drug wars are spilling over into the United States, and calls for action are heard from those who believe they have nothing to do with the Mexican cartels. They call for the US Army to go into Mexico and clean up the murderous drug cartels, the way General John J. (Blackjack) Pershing went into Mexico after the bandit Pancho Villa in 1916. But there would be no drug wars if there were no drug takers and drug buyers, all of them here in the United States. If the US Army is to go anywhere, it should go after the affluent whites who smoke the dope and cause the murders.



When Blackjack went for Pancho Villa

Pancho smiled and said I’ll see ya

Things were quiet for a while

That is until drugs came in style

A thirties song called Reefer Madness

Showed the side of jazz time badness

Who smoked the dope? A tiny fraction

Jazz men mostly, in the action

The sixties came, that’s when it started

Rebellious kids and morals parted

A generation raised on hype

And dope gave rise to a new type

Of young, successful white suburban

Men and women who went urban

For their hash and coke of course

And once they climbed upon that horse

Their craving for the high increased

And brought about the greater beast

Cartels who murdered, raped and slew

To bring the horse right home to you

The fatted, coddled prep schooled whites

Who thought themselves the golden knights

And drew the lines, not in the sand

But lines in powder, while the band

Played dirges that they could not hear

While scything noises crept quite near

Oh yes the gangsters murder law

To feed the hungry white man’s maw

America knows who’s to blame

We know them all, know who to name

If Pershing were alive today

We know quite well what he would say

He’d say that Villa’s not the threat

He’d say the people we should get

And put in jail until they rot

The buyers of the coke and pot


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