Poison Rain

The purpose of the Obama led campaign to undermine President Trump by poisoning the well of public opinion with the false charge of Russian collusion is to regain power in the midterms of 2018 and regain the White House in 2020. It is in Putin’s interest that this be accomplished because he knows that a Democrat in the White House will use the phone and the pen of executive orders to stop fracking and offshore drilling, thus enhancing Russia’s economy by restoring Russia’s oil market, for without the sale of oil the Russian economy cannot support Putin’s military plans for the near abroad and the Middle East. We need look no further for the man whose interests coincide with Putin’s interests. That man is Barack Obama.

At first in gentle drizzle fell
The misty scent of rain
That lingered near the poisoned well
Where Barack’s hand had lain
And bade the poison fill the sky
To spread the poison wide
Subvert Intel and FBI
To Obama’s dark side
Brennan, Clapper, Comey too
Succumbed to the campaign
To hide their treachery from view
And stand in poisoned rain