Poll Numbers

President Obama, worried about his poll numbers, recently acquired a million dollar armored bus from Canada in order to tour the heartland promoting American jobs. I spoke to my Liberal friend Montmorency today about Obama’s plummeting poll numbers. He was beside himself with worry.



It just ain’t right, those polls, he sobbed

To do this to The One

He’s tried so hard and now he’s robbed

Of all that he has done

To pull this country out of debt

Brought on by Georgie Bush

A brilliant man, a god, and yet

When shoving comes to push

He gets the blame for each mishap

Jobs take a downward spike

And now there comes this missile gap

No, sorry, that was Ike

He’s given us clean air to breathe

No drilling oil for us

Just wait, you’ll see what he’ll bequeath

From his big armored bus


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