Pumping Ethyl

Gas is now above five dollars in many parts of the country, and slated to rise higher. And as the economy sinks lower and lower, states and cities find themselves in a bind, unable to pay the exorbitant salaries and pensions they gave to the public employee unions in the happy times, the times of ever expanding economies and taxes.  And now, these states and cities, facing large deficits, look to gasoline taxes to bail them out. Lotsa luck.



The politicians surely know

That taxing us to death’ll

Result in very angry guys

Who are used to pumping ethyl

To get to work and pay the bills

And put food on the table

And now they’re faced with rising costs

And asked more than they’re able

To pay for such as gasoline

And food and shoes and health care

While lefty pols smirk and demand

You hand them you fair wealth share



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