Red Eyed Wolves

Barack Obama, by incompetence or design, has loosed the dogs of war upon a United States military he has, by sinister or ideological design, defanged in the face of danger. Only these are not dogs, they are wolves. And one night the red eyed wolves will come. They always do. 

We stir uneasily in sleep
How quiet is the night
As in the dark the red eyes creep
The quarry now in sight
Obama though still sleeps serene
No worries on his mind
Not like that Bush, his hands are clean
From leading from behind
The red eyes, silent as the breeze
Proceed with noiseless leaps
To scoop Ukraine, the China seas
While Barry soundly sleeps
The red eyed wolf is never sate
His hunger satisfied
And soon upon us is our fate
The red eyes at our side
And slavering they state the terms
Surrender or you die
To furnish food for maggot worms
As in piled dead you lie

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