“Rendition” was the non-scary word the United States used to get terror suspects off the streets and therefore harmless, unable to kill Americans. Naturally, the Democrats were horrified that Muslim young men were being captured and turned over to the brutal ministrations of the Libyan or Egyptian security services, who tortured the poor little jihadi young men whose only crime was to kill Americans. Who wouldn’t be horrified at the brutality of harshly interrogating terrorists in order to forestall attacks on innocent American civilians? The Left has stopped Rendition, but fortunately we have hard men who go hunting in the night for the jihadi bastards, and send them off to Allah. 



The Left believes that every man

Has goodness in his heart

And bursts with love and kindliness

If we’d but do our part

To see that he is treated well

His dignity repaired

And our excuses for his acts

Are handsomely prepared

But others, made of sterner stuff

Go hunting in the night

And send the bastards all to hell

While staying out of sight

Who guards the walls, who keeps us safe?

What kind of men are these?

The kind of men the Lefties hate

They smile but don’t say please


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